White papers back online

I have put some of my old white papers from 2011 back online.
They certainly need some overhauling but maybe provide a starting point for your further research.

New tools published

Today I published 2 new Tools:

  • ctcPrinterCounters can retrieve counter information from RICOH GW- and EFI-based MFP/LPs and save them to disc.
  • ctcSplitPJL can split print-ready data files into PJL- and PDL-parts.

They can be found in the Commandline Tools section.

Specs for CTC#DS:Printing

The work for CTC#DS is going as expected.
I have set now the final features for the printing functions as follows:

  • Add, delete up to 100 print-ready files
  • Reorder print files
  • Print single, selection, all, random files
  • Submit to existing Windows queue
  • Raw (Port 9100) printing
  • LPR printing (Windows Default)
  • LPR printing with customized parameters
  • Customized LPR control file

New Developments

After a very, very long test run, I decided to re-implement the successor of Downloader 2006 from the bottom up.

The Software is now called CYRION TOOLS COLLECTION and will consist initially of 3 components:

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