New tools published

Today I published 2 new Tools:

  • ctcPrinterCounters can retrieve counter information from RICOH GW- and EFI-based MFP/LPs and save them to disc.
  • ctcSplitPJL can split print-ready data files into PJL- and PDL-parts.

They can be found in the Commandline Tools section.

RICOH Counter Collector (CTC#RCC)

RICOH Counter Collector

The RICOH Counter Collector is a new tool to capture Counter Information from RICOH devices using SNMP. It is in part the successor to the PCC2005 application.

The development codename is COUNT VON COUNT (aka Graf Zahl), after the famous Vampire character from Sesame Street.


  • ...



The RICOH Device Tomograph is a new tool to capture Information from RICOH devices via SNMP, HTTP, Telnet, RSH and FTP. It is in part the successor to the famous Downloader 2006 application

The development codename is RADON, after famous austrian mathematician Johan Radon who invented the Radon-Transformation which builds the foundation of all computer tomography based mathematics.


New Developments

After a very, very long test run, I decided to re-implement the successor of Downloader 2006 from the bottom up.

The Software is now called CYRION TOOLS COLLECTION and will consist initially of 3 components:

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